Saturday, December 05, 2009


here on a third floor
can’t see the sky, unless
i stick my head out the window
and look straight up

still they zip by this narrow space,
fifteen feet to the building opposite
a blur by my window
thirty miles an hour

seems fast enough
they’re been clocked at 59
and often they zip by
with a partner

good old computer
tells me how fast pigeons fly
when what i see is a streaking blur
outside going by

Friday, December 04, 2009


when i slip through
a stream in the
wings of time

and don’t return
leaving nary a trace
fear not for me

i’m off somewhere
having an adventure

Thursday, December 03, 2009

the table

with three guys at the table
didn’t know who they were
in discussion most interesting
don’t recall what was said

some time had passed when i looked to the clock
it was difficult to read the red glowing numbers
had to lean forward
to a sitting position

i was lying in bed, there was no table
there were not three others
so who did i speak with
in this vivid dream

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

the wash

over there
pulled up a chair
talking to the laundry
the washer then the dryer
Obama sending thirty thousand more troops
to Afghanistan
the left is yelling
why’s he doing that?

well he is a politician that got elected
what do you expect
Ron Paul was laughed at like ufos
he wanted to bring them all home
from all around the world
no more policemen for the world
why guard our borders in peace
money, money money can be made with war

play the game you get elected
you want to bring troops home
you’re not making dough for the money people
makes the world go round you know

grease those wheels
pull the strings
you want to play
you’ve got to pay

it’s flowing in now
someone makes guns
buys the bullets
fantastic tanks
nice boots
sends turkeys to the troops for the holidays
pass me the haliburton, will ya?

back and forth, costs a lot
tax payers pay the money players
talking to the spinning dryer
who else will listen?

wave the flag
want a medal don’t you?
a picture of your boy in uniform
that’s him on the mantel
rate me fifty on foldin’ clothes
I’m just saying
heaven knows

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

ciao ciao

spoke to an italian friend on the phone
he was born in Tunisia
we speak mostly in English
says he has to practice
he’s my friend, that’s okay with me

when you close a phone call
you always say ciao ciao
it is a commonly used form of bye-bye,
or talk to you later, always used on the phone
as i closed the phone call i said choo- choo

i didn’t mean to
it just came out
i’ll pretend he didn’t hear it
and he’ll think he imagined it
choo -choo?

Monday, November 30, 2009


held up stopped at a red light
by a red light for nearly a breathalyzer,
til he decided coffee in a dark glass jug
is not always moonshine

they are doing a jig saw jig
on the square, guys holding steel poles
where a bob cat’s running
tearing sidewalk

was called Mud Brook Creek there
now it’s just Mud Brook
when they put in a golf course
they removed the redundancy

pretty fancy
what a few bucks
and a bob cat
can do

not giving you the eye
i’m in line behind you, nightingale
you see, the light is green
that’s why I’m honking

Sunday, November 29, 2009

national health care

i heard American Indians
have national health care
out there

it is said to be lousy
does that surprise?
this is a poor example
for the system

isn’t lousy
the way
we’ve always
treated Indians?

if it were for the wife
of a politician
you know the same system
would work well