Sunday, December 16, 2012

just woke and wrote

just woke and wrote, i did
something cause i haven’t been
able to write and forgot about you
then i did that and opened

google which is slow on my computer
and there your were - M. The Email.
oh, darling, can you refrigerate
bananas or is that bad?

wow you said you slept two
hours felt terrible when you woke
now feel good, except it’s  like the flu?  
sounds extreme.   i’d sleep on it.

geeze the thumb is sounding terrible,  
out of hand, so to speak.  i was hoping
you’d  adopt it,  that is: get along,
or can  a  doctor cut it off . . . the bump thing?

look, i have to rush.  a Plumber and electrician
will be in the building this morning and
i have to shower and pee before
they cut the water or the ele