Saturday, March 01, 2014

mr. safety town

mr. safety town i am
let her drive anyway
put my arm out for additional signal
had fun riding bare feet on the dash


turned on the radio
heard someone giving me advice
wants to put me on a regiment
maybe in a regiment

was talking fast with assurance
mentioned drugs i should take
i only know this person
as a voice on the radio

i could believe this authority
but sensibly retained skepticism.
shook my head, sipped my coffee,
turned off the radio.

ain't got no stinking badges just gratitude to you my fiend

thanks to you for my
birthday wishes
during this my
birthday year of celebration

the month is over
but the year of joy
is underway
now let's ride along

it is going to be a good one
or maybe it will rain everyday
doesn't matter
we can take it all

with love and joy
and cookies and ice cream
if wishes were horses
we'd all ride leaping

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

people soup

people soup
like assorted vegetables
in turning halls,
the designated waiting area.
of nineteen, half accompany the sickly,
only three are under sixty,
three or four walking by are staff.

for hours a crying young woman is present
there are no children
an old woman yells out in aggravation

an ambulance stops outside
doors open as a man is wheeled in
the thumping is a nurse
pounding on his chest

the disheveled drunk
semi-conscious on the floor
curls against the wall

a disoriented man in his thirties
badly scratched on face, neck,
hands, all visible skin, moaning,
someone places a motorcycle helmet
next to him on the gurney

intermittently a woman loudly coughs,
low voices murmur in waves
occasionally there is movement
most everyone remains seated
in winter jackets buttoned

the entire hospital is slow
with the main computer down.
there is never music or TV
amid infrequent quiet talking

ambulance workers wheel out a closed
metal box the size of a coffin

an attendant wheels a gurney through
and again the same obstinate, old woman oblivious
must be assisted out of the way
some patients are called in for attention

who knows what germs are air born
what psychological ingredients abound
a screech is heard behind closed doors
no one knows if it is a patient
or metal door in need of grease

cutbacks and overcrowding
there is no cafeteria only
two exact change machines port junk food

after several hours
faces become familiar
some go out for a smoke
thus sunday passes

Monday, February 24, 2014

crossover days

goodbye season of  furnace high
long, cold nights.
winter succumbs
releases its grip

these crossover days, winter to spring.
big coats are put away
along with scarves, gloves and heavy hats
to be packed in a chest for a well needed rest.

short dark days are lessening
in the cusp of warm
that will be soon
drawing our attention.

visible in the birds and trees,
in  bright young grass growing,
in the cracks in the sidewalks,
here is the advent of spring.