Saturday, March 29, 2008

market today

a new flavor in the market today
call it near spring
sun at mid day divides the piazza
leaving something for everyone

with winter run away
warmer air
brings new modes of dress

flowers and vegetables gleam
to outshine each other
new faces, as always
“ciao, jack”
and the regular venders
“ciao pio.”
it’s new air to breathe
“marcella, stai bene?”
a new day, a great day
she smiled
“va bene”
va molto bene

Friday, March 28, 2008

laughing gas

five minutes before my appointment
i slip into my shoes and walk over
that’s something positive about living in the inner city

perky dentist helper has been cleaning teeth for fifteen years
does it well
firm, delicate, yet no holds barred

she says do i want gas
talking to me, of course
maybe she was talking to herself
but i heard her plain as day

sure, fill me up
and this rubber scorpion from a sci-fi movie
was plugged over my face
after a while i claimed no affect
and got her to turn up the juice

suddenly dentist appears
fools around doing this and that
then before i know it
he got ready to do a cavity, mine

then pulled out an extra long needle
waved it around and warned this is going to hurt
that’s too bad for someone i thought
then looking around i knew he was talking to me
cause the dentist helper wasn’t there anymore
and i let him drive that thing through my gums
into the dark recesses of my now vibrating skull

the more i develop through life experience
the scarier it gets, i visualize too much
because i see tiny errors in judgment, chinks
in good guys in white hats and white masks armor

the dentist speaks five languages
is known as very skilled
however, as we spoke i suggested
and admittedly knowing nothing about dentistry

perhaps, perhaps, perhaps it would be keen
if he said x per cent of the patients
find the needle into the gums uncomfortable

instead of scaring the shit out ‘a me
by telling me it was “liable to be really painful”
two seconds before ahab rams the harpoon into my skull

no wonder he wears a mask

Thursday, March 27, 2008

cold as a frog

when i wake these days
for the first moments i’m
definitely cautious with my movements

it’s only mid march
not yet spring, got my socks on now
the last of winter’s holding on, it seems

still dark
when i start
the coffee and computer

there’s a chill in my bones
as i glance toward the window from my chair
to observe the colors of progressing dawn

calmly i’m working on getting up to speed
will get underway soon as i can, but tell me,
it’s frigid these days in the early hours, isn’t it?

and either this year’s colder
or it’s merely another effect
of getting older

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

dark prognosis

terrible times
endless pain, not now
just thinking about
the dentist

ping, ping
whacka, whacka,
whirrr, grrr
a carpenter in my mouth

if he were only a neighbor
i'd have to say hi
and i'd get used to it
after a while, i suppose

but i have to go there
and talk him out of it
blood everywhere

then the phone rings
it's his secretary confirming the appointment
i heard laughter hidden in her voice
they must know i'm thinking bout it

other than that it's a fine day
except for tormenting wind, spattering rain,
foreboding clouds, horrible chill
and a forecast for more

lost in blogland

some entries i want to stay out front
the buffalo i wrote 45 years ago and it stands today
it was posted jan 21 on my blog

here is a link to peppy grillo's blog
listen to the words of robert kennedy linked on his blog

note how politics and visions have changed

money, what happened

it didn't use to be money
not when i was a kid
oh, money was the thing for some
not as widely pursued as now

the mothers stayed home
the fathers went to work

we had other things
we had love and family
and stuff we liked to do
other than watching the tv

and the golden rule
you remember that don't you?
do on to others
as you want them to do unto you

old folks kept us in line with a glance
and we respected them
that's how we were taught

and it wasn't bad
we got along
we used to be in this thing
hey, i'm just saying

Monday, March 24, 2008


she is worried about my cognitive ability
because i can’t read a menu

i haven’t been able to read a menu for thirty years
ever since john belushi on saturday night live
did that hamburger, cheeseburger, pepsi skit

when i get a menu i want one choice
take it or leave it
i don’t want to sit and read atlas shrugged

if i want something special
i’ll ask for it
“could you give my onions to the cat, please?”

the kiss principle- keep it simple, stupid
let’s remember that
i go to restaurants to eat
when i want to read i’ll go to the library


What is the pope doing playing politics? I understand politics within the church to get elected, but end it there. He’s not a politician on the international scene. In the U.S. there is some kind of division between church and state and I think it should be that way.

Captain Z. is a sea captain, but he doesn’t make hints to Tiger Woods how to putt the ball.

This blob was going to be all poetry and i am crossing the line. Until I get a firm direction I will continue to wander. I am thinking about another blog site for poems, one for art and one for tips on wiping your butt. What am I doing here?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

z, on the road

z & company on the road
is quite a show
now you’ve been told

picked us up in bari
took us back to monopoli
a little town on the adriatic

our apartment building was very old
just down the street from z and iwona
the ceilings i estimate as eighteen feet high
tall windows and period furniture were the highlight

narrow stone streets
great vegetables in the outdoor market
the old port was one alley over
quiet as it should be

and full of the local fishing boats
of all kinds and shapes
the italian monterrey was among them
most boats were painted the
traditional blue and white

the nice stone walk around the port
was flat and smooth as the rest of the town
this place has been cared for
we saw it with the locals still there
before the money speculators arrived

friday evening before a big religious ceremony
i stopped at a market
though we are 98 percent vegetarian i
broke our food tradition
bought a ham and cheese sandwich

a chance to enjoy the local cuisine
and was eating it when z. and company arrived
they reminded me it was good friday

as we walked toward the cathedral
to see the local event of the season
i stayed in the back of the group
and ate quickly
stuffing it with both hand
like a squirrel eating a nut

meri walked up front with the group
acting like the sandwich was all my idea
thus assuring her place in the good heaven
i licked my fingers only to rid mayonnaise traces


i'd open a window
but it's cold, better wait
anyway, on a scale from one to whatever
paint is an eight

I like painting
i was painting the walls
i am, can you smell it

i am a paintist
i will march with the painters
and become a member of the paintist party

i belive in paintiscism
holy mother of paint
paint with us painters
now and at the hour our can is dry

it has a fragrant bouquet
i wonder if paint
is safe to eat
and they are just not telling us