Saturday, April 05, 2008

talking with eagles

what i mean is
talking with egos
nearly the same, isn’t it

to review (and avoid confusion)
eggos were some artificial egg food
leggos are toys to build with
and egos are yet to be determined as to function

although i am quite sure it has
something to do with artificial intelligence

Friday, April 04, 2008

return to roma

the paris metro to charles de gaulle
packed like i’ve never seen
barely had space to stand


we got on the metro
just barely cause it was packed
i don’t like to say, but it’s true

we were that old expression
packed like canned fish

it was rush hour and we were rushing
to the airport

those poor people who do it everyday
are at their limit
there are too many of us

at the airport we got in easily


saw a couple of old farts
standing outside smoking
before entering the terminal
don’t they know better?
how in the hell do they
expect to live forever?

our flight was delayed
the number of people in the waiting area
was more than i’ve ever, ever seen

i went down to the restroom
entered the air france first class lounge
had a fine coffee
pocketed a set off cookies to share with meri

took off late
sat by the window and heard people ooohh
when we flew over the alps
the lady in front of me took about
eight flash photos into the sun
before she turned off the flash

i then saw the L-like where land went west to france and south to italy and roma

coming in we circled around roma
the vatican stood up like an ice cream cone

then we swung over the turquoise med
came in and landed

this morning at nine we left for the airport in paris
at five p.m. we were in our roma apartment
it took nine hours for a less than two hour flight

the eagle has landed
and will sleep in his own bed tonight

some paris along the way

a lot to see
style and art abounds in this city paris
from the top of the arc de triomphe there is quite a view
i’m dipping my morning toast in coffee
thinking about it

initial plans were sketchy but we happened to be
there on the street when the taxi showed up with
my one-time little kid now with a family of his own
everyone has grown

saw, walked, laughed and talked for a couple of days

we flew in, we fly out
they go on their way
while time is always flying
happened so fast

Thursday, April 03, 2008

paris notes, more

down some city street
a lady hurridly walking by
dropped her reading glasses
seemed to throw them nearly at my feet

as she quickly stopped
bent and reached to retrieve them
she kicked them a little
so they skidded a few feet

back up then kneeling a second time to pick them up
noticing i saw it all
she looked toward me
and half-smiled self consciously
at the impromptu comedy of errors

paris ride

leisurely viewing the city
coming back from versailles
the bus stopped several times
some people left, while some arrived
still others scampered to change seats
moving like mice in a maze
until all were satisfied
what we had this morning
was a scenic nice ride

with son and his family - notes in paris

two young daughters
charged for travel
kept up with four adults
or we kept up with them

through the d’Orsay museum
yes, the art is great
but so is the most interesting building
then to sacre coeur, mont martre

up and down the metro stairs
so many times, how did they do it?
i know we climbed
three eiffel towers worth

not a whimper, conflict or complaint all day
but unaccustomed to minding the store
the quiet little voices burnt our candles at both ends
one for each of them

back at six p.m.
to take a nap, that’s us
while mom and dad hold the fort
the kids are still going strong

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

paris impression

got up early
slowly taking our time
decided not to rush
we’re here, all is fine

after breakfast we began to search for what means paris
out there
larger than we knew

got into it, walked, bused
and the city kept up with us, kept sprawling
so clean, elegant and alive

it does move along
like the rapid seine goes through it
with not buses enough
or artists enough
to paint the whole collage

stately, fluid in motion
needed a mime like marcel marceau
to interpret a bit

how paris is
depends which table you get
if the sun’s in you eyes
or the towers at your back

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

paris note

flew to paris today
under two hours from roma

took longer to and from the airports
missed lucky lindy by eighty-one years

well, didn’t miss him
never knew the guy

lindy was years ahead
but wait, i’m still checking it out

Monday, March 31, 2008

our little bit

for sure the world is big
when checking the maps
or traveling around you see
there are places on our globe
for everybody

the net and the news and the information
makes it smaller
with more than we need to know
more than anyone can ingest

as exponentially it expands
the good side is that if we each do
our little tiny part to make it better
that good also grows exponentially

Sunday, March 30, 2008

used to dress

there was a time
people dressed for ball games
women in dresses and hats
men wore suits and ties

i was a kid when i saw ted williams
step to the plate at cleveland stadium
that game it was the first pitch he slammed
giving that ball a good-bye ride

uncle pat ran the beer concession
dad took me to see uncle pat

the brits were in roma today for a big soccer game
walking the streets drinking beer
dressed as if for a sleep over
or cleaning the basement

not like it was
the way we do
as times change
we do too