Saturday, January 24, 2009

thick and the lean

the thick and the lean times
turn over like phases of the moon
riding sure and steady,
change be along soon,
go ahead look round,
stay at the ready
for the next roll of the lots
is coming down
be sure with the toll,
put coins in the slot,
cause you’re on a roll
pay up, pay out,
like it or not
it’s what you’ve got

Friday, January 23, 2009

do not open any attachments

when writing emails is launching
rockets to the wind onto far mountain
old pictures in a drawer, stacked in a file
someday to be sorted,

the unidentified guy in the photo, throw him away
looks like uncle whatshisname
clean it up, game starts in half an hour
a lot of billion people, some dressed in rags,
some searching for the next meal
and we shoot emails into the wind onto far mountain
wondering which sweater goes
best with the rest

of your costume, hit reply and pass it on, into the nether
suddenly she really needs that picture of Uncle Bart
i thought his name was Mark, I threw it away
squirrel looking with a mustache? right?
pack it up, stack ‘em up, start over

Thursday, January 22, 2009


i phone information to get information
lousy nondescript music crackles
then, without pause or warning
a rapid, highly distorted recorded voice
speaks quickly and ends with press one,
followed by another quick garbled sentence,
then press two, etc. three and four

I called again
the second time through I still understand nothing
but took a guess and pressed four
twice a live guy hangs up on me
the third time through a woman was helpful
see, it works, if you are willing
to struggle and persist

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


we bought a car
maybe blue, maybe green
we’re not sure,
in the photos it's shiny metallic
looks like new
it's nine years old

got title and insurance and then
on the second try, a parking permit
because the first time i went to get a parking
permit for my car i didn’t bring
a registered copy of my apartment contract
registration tax having been paid
how silly of me
or how silly of the bureaucrats of Italy
who have difficulty collecting tax,
but that's another poem

we’ll take possession today
drive it and get the feel
yes, bought it without driving it

see how it goes, learn new things
then park it on the street
until we figure something better

meanwhile, it will change our life
we’ll see what that means
we have no idea what that means

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


when our leader steps forward
all aboard will rise to his intelligence,
drawing us forward
in power to sweep the decks,
turn the ship around,
guide us right again

into the wind and against perils
to earn respect
find cause and direction,
renew belief in goodness,
and as it comes down from the top
so we will rise for the occasion

Monday, January 19, 2009


I could use a pause
so this doesn’t become a diary
today I was going to say I forgot
the type of acid we use in engraving

then woke knowing it’s muratic acid
in either six to one
or twelve to one solutions diluted with water,
but didn’t know whythis could be poetry

unless it made me sad
and I cried about it
then would it be poetry? another thing,
does poetry end with question marks?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

new word day

longren is out to be a word
i put it there, pushed it into the cold
or is it longeren, or longern?

here under a tree
with a dish for food
another with water

long low lengthy days of winter
when sun sleeps longern i do
i know it does