Saturday, November 21, 2009

the mail man

the mail man is gone
don’t mean he left his truck
hasn’t walked away
tossed his hat in the bushes

but he is gone, way gone
into a thousand points of light
unlike the evaporated pony express rider
this one still has a job, delivering advertisements

now he or she has become
21st Century’s - Postal Worker
look around, who’s next for renaming
Christmas Person?

ho ho ho
wash you mouth

Friday, November 20, 2009

jet laggg

rushed out of the airport
jumped in a cab
went seventy-five feet
the guy slammed on the brakes

wasn’t a taxi, picked up his mother
made me get out
i know mama liked me
as he squealed off, she waved goodbye

at forty thousand feet

at forty thousand feet
the cabin is warm beyond comfort

four people on this flight
are earning negative karma

aggression 2009 is growing
healthier than financial systems

two hours to Roma
i’m lighter than air

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the leader

followed by his dad
a kid waddled by,
young enough
that you’d still tell his age in months

ask him anything
but don’t expect an answer
for although he talks incessantly
what he says is indecipherable

if encouraged to develop this skill,
smiles well and stands tall
this child could grow to be
a formidable leader of inestimable value

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

particles in space

i pay to put you in charge over me


after i got my shoes back on
walked from terminal A
the long way down to C
then checked my ticket

C-5 was my seat,
my terminal is A
A terminal

error made walking
did the same last year

so i had a long trek back
the other way,
from where i came
this journey has begun


Kevin runs the magazine stand
near gate 7 and 8
terminal A
Cleveland Hopkins airport

is fifty, looks thirty
bald, black, comfortable with life
we talked some, he’s been to Africa
says he likes his job

been there a month
mentioned five other careers
next year we’ll see
if he is there

who will remember
that we spoke?
i have my ways
i have my notes


small plane seats are C,A,F &D
part of the new world order?
i notice they took out the rhymers B,C & E
why’d D remain?
please explain


small plane
seems large enough

two guys talking
two rows back

in lieu of listening to loud babbles
i changed my seat during takeoff


so high open flat
hills and clouds and the haze
way out into the curvature of the earth

a black meandering
all the way down
must be river

looking down for crop circles and pictographs
wavy planting that follows the hills
the dark creeks look like cracks

a maze of houses
village forever to the horizons
we were following a river

now a highway
over ball fields
now a quarry, more houses and trees

the pilot just said,
“good morning, we’re starting our descent
and it’s a beautiful November day”

corkscrew down
we’re coming to Philadelphia
at the airport could have ridden a train
into the city see Independence Hall

i’ll wait instead
as once a day is enough airport security


from outside i see
a large woman would-be - girl
packed snuggly in pedal pushers,
up to her knees in tattoos,

weaved through the tables at a terminal restaurant
a bull circling for the kill
her hair long blond thin and frizzed
resembles someone jumping out of a plane

who has not opened the parachute
or similar to someone being electrocuted in cartoon animation
she must do that to herself
because she thinks it makes her beautiful

she’s has enough volume
and swagger
friends wouldn’t
contradict her


they call to board
will fly all night
over the cold north Atlantic
on auto pilot
so those called Pilot
can sleep

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bid peppers in Belize

in a clearing
on a corner
outside the jungle
in the sunshine
a large local woman
in a blue dress with flower prints
sells donuts and sandwiches
from a tall brightly painted wooden wheeled cart
and a few things to drink
like beer, like coke, like water

i’ll have a taco
bid o’ bidow peppers? she says
are the bidow peppers hot? i ask
she looks at me, shakes her head
does not answer
and repeats, bid o’ bidow peppers?
and i asked f they are hot
or are they sweet
she slowly repeats her question
wan bid or bidow peppers?
the brain wave light turned green and I got on
oh, bid, i’ll have it bid peppers

Monday, November 16, 2009

weather in

weather in Ohio’s
not nigh on to winter
without a jacket
mid November

known winter severe
have seen how it goes
driving with chains
doing battle with snows

changes come slowly
hereabouts, no doubt
take how it happens
great snows or without

Sunday, November 15, 2009

play serious

when M. was kids
and the like
her gang of play partners
were blood brothers

cut their fingers to do it
somebody had a knife
is what she said
guess they were believers

hey,we went to movies too
but cowboys and Indians
and blood brother stuff
for us pretending was good enough

when they were cutting fingers
we were making mud pies
and never
tried to eat ‘em

i wonder, when they did
one potato two potato
how deep did they
plant the loser?