Tuesday, November 30, 2010

outside in the rain

outside in the rain this morning.
walked over, enjoyed it.
thirty minutes early at the appointed place,
the witches bar, la strega.

closed, but known to locals
as if it were still there.
not waiting for James today,
it is Giacomo, his dad.

called him at nine thirty-three
to say i am American and he’s 3 minutes late.
he understood the humor. everyone waits for
Giacomo and we Americans live by the clock.

he arrived and drove off in heavy traffic
and rain. oh yes, i was riding with him.
i rode behind him. a refrigerator was in front
and in back with me also.

heading for the mountains
on the high road we saw
layers of solid fog
between the mountain peaks.

we got to the quacky little town
if you ask what that means,
let me call it a charming, quaint
very old stone village teaming

with only the sort of mountain villagers
you’d imagine could live remotely.
not bad quacky, good quacky,
all the way up, all the way down and sideways.

on our way back to Rome
we passed a flock of sheep on our left,
Giacomo surreptitiously waved to them.
i noticed this tiny gesture and commented.

he explained if you see
sheep on your left side
it brings you money.
although that did not explain to me his waving at them.