Thursday, December 29, 2011

Swiss Chocolate

i like chocolate
and have a bit now and then
say, evenings, say often.
in my Christmas stocking Santa put me some.

now, i’d heard the Swiss
made chocolate well;
let me tell to you this,
better than swell, Swiss chocolate is.

it was worth the trip.
how can i say it? well . . .
between you and me,
it is the best you think chocolate can be.

i’m sorry it ends so soon, this poem;
it’s like looking down when you're taking out the trash
and seeing the candy wrapper there and remembering
how wonderful tasty chocolate is.

My Conception of Immaculate Zurich

cross the street where you should
new stylish shiny cars must stop for you.
all is fresh like new, exactly neat.
no bird makes a mess, or too loud tweet.

air there is clean without question
through the day, through the night.
lake fishes swimming
keep to the right.

sidewalks pristine, in good repair.
there is no graffiti - anywhere.
quiet trams, smooth buses run on time.
poems of course are going to rhyme.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

midnight train to zurich

the conductor waved the lantern one time long and slow
looking back the engineer nodded and we pulled out of the station
exactly seven a.m. by the black metal ornate clock we passed.
although, and i shivered, it was half past midnight in my heart.

it was evident the guy had stolen the porters jacket
as witnessed by what he had,
a giant bloodstain bullet hole leaking out
where his brains out'a be.

so i sipped my coffee quietly
and noticed it tasted like an amateur made it.
looking into the face of the cat woman,
a conspiratorial smile wet her lips.

remembered my chic long black wool dress frock
left at home hanging alone in the dark closet;
instead wore my nylon Cleveland Indians jacket
with Chief Wahoo on it.

he ripped a hole in the knee of his pants
escaping the clutches of his ticket-checking girlfriend,
i saw his eyes steel-over as he punched my ticket,
Robert Ludlum would have left this character bound in baggage.

a clang i felt more than heard when the porter dropped his revolver,
then went to pick it up and seven passports
slipped like snowflakes from his pocket and fell to the floor.
he looked up, i saw written in his expression the words
forget it ever happened.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

to enjoy

as M. continues her way of life diet,
went solo, i did, to Pasquali’s.
half rigatoni with asparagus sauce and bacon,
oh, Serena you can cook; top of the world, ma.

back on the planet and the little bus to Angelo’s for coffee
when a common laborer comes in for his sips of mocha,
tells Simone that exactly one year from today
the Mayan Calendar ends and the world with it.

i say i read that fifty years ago when i was eleven.
it is amazing how time keeps passing.
and worker-man said it is good that it does,
for all the experience of life time gives us to enjoy.


At the end of a 1930’s gangster movie, Jimmy Cagney was on the roof of a burning building shooting his machine gun, put his head back and yelled out, “Top of the world, Ma.” My use of the line in this poem was a reference to that.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

in the balance

bus riding humming was i,
passing city sights in turns
and fits and starts of traffic.
some jammed thick and slow.

aware then to a noise,
a near persistent, endless drone.
once alert of it, looking around
i found it was a monotone girl

working hard it seemed,
talking non-stop to a boy.
giggling in the light of his attention,
swooning she was.

he standing,
politely nodding,
listening to her winding it out persistently
with minimal pause in her plan.

not a bad looking girl, not that,
though, talkative she was, for sure.
if she could neaten up, lighten up,
take a few breaths and relax,

perhaps he’d seek her out
to stand by her sometime,
with half an idea or something to say
maybe he would chat her up a bit someday.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

the beatles era

they sprang up on the radio,
came from long away.
there was a lot of talk
about their haircuts

and they knocked us out
with Hard Days Night and so many other songs.
John, Paul, George and Ringo;
we even knew their names.

acres of words have been written
about them and their wonderful music.
oh, they were big, so very big
we sang their songs and loved them.

Friday, December 16, 2011

from my window

seen from my window
a blackbird with nerve, now swooping,
chasing a young, small squirrel.
relentless in pursuit .

in my life i have been content,
consistently. others have noticed,
commented on my optimism;
somehow always on the sunny side.

that was once upon a time,
though now i am sad, without purpose,
finding this cloak of darkness
difficult to wear.

though i would not be a burden.
there are no friends to care. in dread
i’m lacking in the experience of,
I find this heavy sadness hard to bare,

squirrels come and go with seasons
the blackbirds never are their friends
yet they nearly get along at times,
you’d think their story never ends.

time has passed since i wrote the lines above
rain and snow’ve both come and gone.
as sleep and food and time
have moved us right along,

and i’ve rolled in the waves of mirth.
rode out storms, i’m back from the dread.
now there is sun, by gosh, i feel it
once more; i’m ready to take wing and fly along.


she’s good.
real damn good
cooking, cleaning, sewing,
her gardens, flowers, vegetables.

can work harder, longer
sweat more
do it right and better
than i can.

so why do i
have to walk around the house
turning off all the lights she leaves on
in the morning?

now there’s heat in the kitchen
m. making corn chowder
this after she turned bushels of tomatoes
into chili sauce.

i‘ve spun the globe seeking a site
to erect a monument for her.
when i asked she said she wanted a tree
in front of the library .

that seems reasonable;
in front of the widow
lined with cookbooks
and stories of survival.

i guess she could not think
of a solitary place from which
she could keep an eye on me.
then again, she may change her mind anyway.

though, hooking up with the library,
i know how her mind works,
always staying on the good side,
she thinks it’ll help erase any fines she may accrue.

middle of the night

went to the bathroom, middle of the night,
something was different in my mouth
turned on the light
my missing tooth was back in place

it looked fine and new.
behind me in the mirror
was George E. Russel played by buddy Ebesen
he was with Fess Parker in the Davy Crocket movies.

put his long rife against the wall and looked at my teeth,
shook his head and smiled in disbelief,
said no worry, my teeth were fine.
but Buddy Ebsen’s not a dentist, never even played one on TV.

seemed i needed a second opinion.
went back to bed, forgot it all
when i woke the tooth was gone,
the hole was back, right where i left it

dreams may take us many places
through blocks, into new spaces
in hollow earth and under glass
don’t cha know, this too'll pass.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


the bleak, dull ugliness
of the frigid season
is well noted.

on the bright side,
consider it God’s good planning;

winter days were made deliberately shorter
so you don’t have to look at them as long.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

glass wings

reminders of flying
and objects of art?
i could think about it later
though it perhaps does not matter.

when so keenly graced,
need objects function?
won’t beauty alone suffice,
being an elegant subject matter?

for not only me,
for the many as well,
home you can tell
is where the art is.

Monday, December 12, 2011

the poets, did you notice

reading the great
and the unknown,
i notice, above all, variety.
a myriad of blizzard snowflakes.

while standing by the pond’s edge
watching frogs, thinking, i am
– what the hell,
there’s life going on in the pond

not even human, will never write a book,
march on parade,
make a movie seen in Bedouin tents,
or circle the globe, be reported in the press;

and i’ve seen poor families, or a word less than poor
living in filthy ruined cardboard boxes
on the hill, the inland side
of Acapulco, the side never seen, not talked about.

their love, hope, dreams and pain,
swirl together in heat, cold and rain,
and they won’t write anything for posterity.
some can’t write their name.

good words somewhere, for you and i,though,
good songs of life, there are.
that’s how it goes, variety,
in these days we have,

tumbling together,
some better than others.
as it goes rolling on and on,
and on and us with it, and on.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

core thought

core thought
at home thinking a spark
where day starts,
all begins in the dark.

five this morning
playing piano in my head
figuring it out, doing the left hand,
making it better, keeping it tight, lying in bed.

and i said, time moves on, six-thirty; oh,
the sun is on the mask now, the stone medallion
over the door on the building opposite our window.
i’m up this instant and want to take a photo of it.

the mask is already
a few hundred years old
and i want to preserve it
forever, on celluloid? am i joking?

and i take one, it is blurry.
i take five, all are blurry.
for one minute some days,
some times i think of

these swans in stone, this family seal.
the sun kisses it brief moments, mornings
when it is sunny. if i am looking
at the right time, in the right month, i see it.

though, can’t think of it now, planning this day, i am.
have to make breakfast and shower,
then catch a train to pick up the car.
we’ll find a place to park it when we get here

back to where we start, some other hour
at the beginning, home again
at the beginning of the day
then, when the sun is rising

Friday, December 09, 2011

geese - the significant

when driving in a dream there is
no need to signal, yet i cordially wave and smile.
traffic heavy melts together on the road,
shut my eyes and nod off into a cat nap.

in a splash, came to wakeful senses
i did in a crowd. horns honking.
waved back, had the change,
paid the toll. told myself i could finish

this dream, in an hour, if i rush.
hit the gas, checked the time
and then realized an hour had already passed.
time flies, you know, some say, they’re right, some time.

took another bite of sandwich,
chewed slowly while i wondered
where i got it and how to hold it
with two hands while driving?

seemed mayonnaise enough to me ,
i smiled at the hearty bread, tasty as reality,
with long green salty seeds in it,
and the tomato slipping out.

aware that all the red was taillights
all the honking were wild geese
making restful music as i
closed my eyes to finish dreaming.

thinking the one last conscious thought,
that i like geese, i really do.
never met one though to get to know,
i’d surly like to.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Rome Christmas cone lasts one day

a man seated at an outside restaurant table,
in sport and open collar shirt,
was sipping a cappuccino.
noticing him reminded me the pre-Chrismas weather's fine.

as we circled the center of Rome,
where only yesterday a forty foot tall
red and mostly white paper mache
inverted cone was prominent on display,

we had debated briefly about what it was,
and why it was there
where the holiday tree usually sits,
and wondered who came up with that idea?

has it gone now to where decorations go,
though always after the holiday,
not three weeks before,
not the day after it was put there?

someone else had noticed the strange cone,
someone with an influential voice in the city,
and must have concurred with us, it didn't work,
it looked absolutely stupid.

a voice spoke, “take it down.”
and probably advised,
“don’t ever try anything
stupid like that again.”

and is sipping a capuccino at this time
at an outdoor cafe,
wearing a sport coat and open-collar shirt
while fuming much less and enjoying the holiday season more.

Saturday, December 03, 2011


joy in discovery of a photo forgotten,
from a church dedication, now bygone,
far back erased from our town.

featured is the crowd of spectators.
revelers clad in celebratory finery. captured
in black and white and grays; note the hats and horses.

you can feel their thoughts. they are in their eyes,
neat and clean. there must be light talk and music.
subtle, wonderful celebration is captured on their faces;

all stand firm in time, in their places
on a now forever bright fall day ago.
they are forever to remain satisfied.


this cross marks
where he met his due
now on this bend
I’ll use one hand to

Thursday, December 01, 2011

vegan wagon

night dark on a curve
fell off the vegan wagon,
toppled it, let it skid down the hill
over the falls, disappeared in the rapids.

last seen breaking up,
heading downstream,
sails up while under
a full head of steam.

wasn’t my fault.
collided with a
sweet scent
at the fair.

wouldn’t buffalo you,
nothing was fare.
like love, babe,
you just had to be there.

Master of Hah!

jack of all trades
all of my life
i am writer, actor,
musician and artist

friends have said,“you can do everything”
to these i say Hah!
don’t ask me to do your dental work
or adjust your brakes.

so goes life,
you get what you see.
though, i have been a doctor -
played one on TV.

flaps down

one night in Arizona heading home
after dinner at Tony’s
the commander driving us
through the mountains . . .

he floored it to pass
we went heads back in our seats,
I asked then, “Tom, you miss
flying those PBY’s, do ya?

and we all laughed well,
ah, yes we did.
now we pause to remember
our time with the Commander.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

miracle banana

on the internet a picture of a face
on a banana. some speak of miracles
others question the face
of john the Baptist.

why no beard?
others explain he
was only about twelve or thirteen
when this banana was taken.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

words unspoken

mystic words unspoken
scribbled out in haste
placed in a box
the lid down tight

all were not thought about
until today when, as the plane took me
over the patch work quilt leading to Philadelphia,
suddenly recalled those fragments

not entire to be called poem
so no one under the wind will recognize
precisely what those pieces are
until i weave patches together

Monday, November 28, 2011

the still life

walked by one of mine
stopped to straightened it
in pause i saw
captured in arranged space

the shelf and wall
with objects irregularly lined,
positioned with care
as painted there
in restful scene forever.

working the morning hour
every day for less than a week
to collect the relative same natural light
before the sun moves and light changes.

in reflection of colors,
a recreation of the space,
this representative reproduction
as I see, as I do
within time available
a man makes art
then hangs it on the wall

Sunday, November 27, 2011

why you need poetry, or poe what?

twisting slosh clobber
ten thousand splashing waves crashing,
screaming into the face of the wind .
looking over i see the noise is emitted by
a kid at the next table eating breakfast cereal

daily bread
do not donut
why not
pilgrims cry
George M. Cohan sang
sailing, talking, running
for the long song
and that’s the short of it,
it’s all about the wind.

why do you need poetry
connected and rhythmic?
are you going to dance to it, or
lie down and cry over it?
what you have is your money’s worth

see what happens.
see what shows.
its now or over,
depending how
your day goes.
and the price of gas

a collection of words
to get into, gain light, float away,
or use it to better roll along the bottom.
endless are the possibilities.

Friday, November 25, 2011

while you're young

while you’re young
hike the peaks.
take some leaps.
come fall, rake leaves.

make tracks in the hills,
wander the hollow,
‘neath clouds high see ‘em go by
as the grand geese honk over.

evening, toast your pals
roast marsh mellows,
laugh now, gals and fellows tell your stories,
wrap it up over apple cider, then count the stars.

days pass, waxed on glass, you know.
then remember again, as you will,
the great times that passed
when we were young together.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

long distance evolution

on narrow cobble stoned streets
at noon in the throng of the old city
i passed a woman speaking in normal voice.
something odd about this caused me to stop.

hearing her calm voice i turned to watch.
in no way did she sound or look crazy.
her calm manner of dissertation seemed quite normal,
but there was no one to whom was she speaking.

she stood chin up, as if speaking to the wind.
i had to walk back and then begged to interrupt,
“mi scusi.” I asked to whom was she speaking?
she pointed up toward the building she was facing.

eighty feet away high up on the third floor her friend
looked down from an open window, smiled and nodded.
here at last is proof of the evolution of man
adaptation in the strength of neighborliness.

gleaming, rolling

from the bridge Garibaldi,
toward the island Tiberina,
the split Tevere river water runs swiftly.
a three foot falls is on the South side.

caught in the back water of the falls
are eight soccer balls rapidly turning ,
25 bright, shiny one- liter plastic bottles in motion,
sparkling iridescent light blue, green, orange and white.

bathing in exploding foam that surrounds all.
gleaming refracting sun jumps colors to life.
when you come to Rome be sure to look;
I’m sure it will till be there.

swift flows the river
but those rolling objects
aren’t leaving;
they like it there.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

poetry music, art

poetry, music, art
how i spend the hours;
need to squeeze in flowers
for the rhyme.

words, piano, drawing,
would say color
but doesn’t rhyme,
just makes music for the eyes.

Monday, November 21, 2011

here again some

where new and old is Rome altogether.
observing what is
and making note;
thus comes poetry out of this city.

took a cab across town to the district Parioli,
Fiat called me for a recording session.
later on a bus ride home a baby cries.
after a few minutes i move to the rear.

and cries relentless, poor child
it is twenty minutes to the termini
and cries.
voluntarily out early i transfer buses.

there is an alert.
a white medical van goes by
as siren calls i’m here, make way.
the van labeled as carrying blood and organs.

on then off another bus again
at Largo Argentina.
a place i know well,
though hardly time to look around

a third bus takes me for a few blocks,
and then walking now near home
i stop, because it was necessary.
had to to look into the hole.

men were working on the long deep ditch.
speaking with a co-looker i mention
the building right there
was a workshop of Michelangelo

see the faint painting on the side that his students did
the workers were seated, resting for lunch, listening
i said to my co-hole- looker that only men
stop to look in the holes.

one of the hole workers heard
and added, not only men,
also children always stop
to gaze in the hole.

so it is that good work,
as with poetry,
begins with the question:
what is down there?

and this time i do think
for sure, rightfully so, there may be
something most interesting hidden for ages from mankind
down there in that hole.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

spoke with five

spoke with five people in a church,
actually more a museum these days.
we and the they were in repose,
a respite from touring Roma.

bright, able and intelligent,
a refreshing splash revitalizing the reality of
this start of the second decade
of the twenty-first Century.

calm, quiet, sharp, all spoke observantly,
we would have taken them home right now;
course they’ve gone now, we lost ‘em.
what remains is spirit of rekindled hope for the future.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

on a stairway

on a stairway all the way
up the side of the house
is it redwood? i think so.
definitely spongy in places near the top

then i climbed on the outside of the rail
found a box with odd electrical parts
and a scrap of rumpled paper
with a handwritten note

that said, “.83 per kilowatt hour,
123 dollars for a month.“ could this be?
or is it solely an invention of dream
and possibly of poetry?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

bus drama

from the prime first seat i see
an old woman outside the door as it closes, she doesn't see me,
looking up she is mouthing pleading words to the driver
while he sits comfortably aloof looking straight ahead

she is manically asking help from God,
desperately imploring the baby Jesus
hands on the wheel the driver is warm in his glass booth
the elderly woman outside the door shakes her fist

i’m in the middle nearly between them
what should i shout - Hey, Whoa, Wait?
unable to quickly form helpful words
it all unfolds a breath before the bus departs

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i write
i read
don’t request them
then look for comments anyway
do the necessities
keep things in order as best i can
my sister had a stroke recently.
also, and this also is an integral part of the whole;
i wrote my wife today and she agreed,
it is all passing so quickly.

this is the sixteenth day

how problem was found
and how it resolved
began with desire
to take a bus

the tobacchio man said sold out
no more November bus passes.
i settled for a one week pass,
paid sixteen euro.

which week of the two remaining will i ride?
the week begins when i punch the ticket.
should i ride the week in the middle
leave a few days on both sides?

sixteen euro is what i pay
for a leisurely full month fare.
i was fifty feet away
when i thought about it

then i went back
and exchanged the week pass
for sixteen individual tickets.
that will serve me well

there are shadows

set one two three
there’s a street light bright
showing through a tree bare for winter
cast upon the neighbors white garage

seen from our window
any dark November night
the large flat garage white
is engraved by intricate branch shadow

sharp and still as a pencil drawing
until breeze begins limbs clawing
creating overgrown powerful tentacles
bulging in menacingly creepy proportions

Saturday, November 12, 2011

industrial music please

the industrial music on TV Oh Boy
during wake-up early Saturday morning off-hours
when no sane sponsor would pay a dime to advertise
ergo there was nothing decent to view

we watched until it made us tap our feet in joy
to see new clean shiny bottles passing by,
row on row, on conveyor belts,
endless bottles sans commentary

gleaming bottles galore
whoa, wha’ cha watchin’ zombie kids?
watching bottles
passin’ by, nothing to talk about

only that music and bottles on parade
you have to have loved it, or hated it or been mesmerized
here they come empty, watch ‘em now
then full, then lidded – get the lids on will ya

sometimes you tuned in and saw the end
when all those full bottles were
boxed, packed, trucked, then sped away
all to that appropriately endless industrial music.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 punkin house on a hill

ohio man grows largest pumpkin
on charming small hill
dries it out
scrapes inside clean

crafts bed, cabinets,
does plumbing, then electricity
paints interior, decorates
even adds a fireplace

hangs up curtains and lives in it
falls asleep with fire roaring
burns whole place down.
gets out alive

now years later the local beer joint fills
every Saturday eve when they leave the hills
to buy him ale
and to hear this tale

Thursday, November 10, 2011

smoking in the dark

lights out blackness nearly
yet creeping neon proclaims the inner city
leaking into our unlit hallway
softly dusting a residual hint of glow

i open the door a crack
to see illusive curling smoke,
then close the door
welcoming the envelope of total dark.

even the glow of a puff
stealthy falls away
silent in the mystic lure
of golden tobacco.

ah, but i know the way
to idle swirling dream,
the light that follows spark
when smoking In the dark.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

the leaf in the pond

it leapt from tall sugar maple
semi-circled in light breeze,
that leaf briefly glided
then came to pond landing.

large, twisted nearly into a great U
floating flat and steady on one side,
swan proud high on the other
as gusts took it round

making short lines in light wind ripples,
then circles, quickly here,
spin turn there, zipping
like a curious swan on the lookout

then swung about like a four master
in queen’s colors, my beloved red to yellow
swashbuckling dry dinosaur,
remnant of parting golden autumn.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

box of cereal

instead of stopping for a donut,
i’m going to get vitamins, they say.
but what happened?
But What (that’s me), can’t get to the cereal.

pulling, twisting, chewing,
all the old tricks
nothing budges the indestructible plastic package.
finally i use some scissors.

then, pouring  those golden flakes,
expecting toys and games,
i see that nothing special drops,
only flakes;  ok - so they’re kinda golden.

yet they look like plain flakes to me.
oh, my how times have changed.
there isn’t even a toy rocket
or whistle in the bottom of the box.

still i guess it’s okay to eat cereal,
mainly cause i know deep down
it  may be better for me
than a  dunkin’ donut.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

so let us say

for the wind and the rains
the mountains and plains,
for robins, pigeons, red birds,
fish in the sea and high above eagles,

for waving sweet corn, carrots and round melons,
the fruits and vegetables,
meat and potatoes and little bugs,
for dust and the dirt, ice and rust,

in sunshine, strong winds
on starry nights, hefty ocean waves,
first morning light, moonless thunder
and during seasonal change,

for gone cowboys and Indians,
war paint, wagons and horses and buffalo
the bankers and doctors, kind women before us
the trees again, the breeze again,

lawyers, bums, gamblers and dentists, islanders,
pick a card, it’s who we are. to the Chinese,
south Americans, Europeans, Africans, the other ones
mark my word everywhere under the heavens

through clouds and fresh falling water drops
for all these and more, we pray
until do us apart,  until we part anyway,
some day, anyhow, all together  -  amen.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


other careers you need credentials and study
more than merely tend and look each day.
too bad it doesn’t pay banker bailout money.
it captured me via strings-free curiosity.

true enough, October cool,
the chill pool is nearing winter
and there on the edge today,
diving down is Shorty Skinny,

no doubt a sleek light green youngster.
ten years i’ve seen them  all,
know well their schedule, summer to fall;
he’ll winter in the icy soup.

son of another home ponder,
count him present
for chill sleep down under.                                   
pond frog score: three home for winter.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Giancarlino remembers

talking to an Italian friend
about a music group from years past,
he said they were two  folk singers, big hits. 
i suggested Chad and Jermey? 

Ian and Silvia? 
finally he remembered, “Peter Paul and Mary”. 
That’s Giancarlino,  so Italian.   
he thought it was one guy,  Peter Paul  and a girl,  Mary.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pond from scratch

since i made this pond
more'an a decade’s passed
so it’s practically natural now.
the frogs think so.

this morning seemed the pump stopped.
couldn’t see it,  couldn’t hear it;
wasn’t any moving water to speak of.
pulled the pump, it was purring.

coated thick with great-green,
though,  pumping away it was;
checked the falls, found it trickled.
heavy  growth  covered the drop.

pulled then threw thick green gobs away,
minutes later all seemed okay;
on a warmer day’ll clean it all for winter,
today it’s late and i’m tired.

tomorrow’s out, heard it’ll rain,
day after’s soon enough for me.
you can’t do everything at once,
heard that said and belive it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

the good news is

two frogs set to winter here.
watched one, for sure, grow from little.
fish are sleeping deeper now.
while above, leaves keep blowing

and i scoop ‘em out of the pond
and wade the yard through red and orange.
as trees are changing differently,
seems definitely an unusual year

that will result, you know,
in the same affect;
for waiting around the corner,
coming soon, is winter.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

we the resting

our bed of theater
banner front row center
space over town is evident
full mystic river flows left to right

far train crosses, rattles bridge
as off-left plant rumbles lowly
cue distant car from unknown faraway
birds fly  too late to call, hear wings flapping

we the resting
amid pre-morning
hold thought tight
hallowed be the night

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wonder Bread believer

helped strong bodies eight ways
for about a year
before clever scientists
found four more ways

then Wonder Bread
helped build strong bodies
twelve ways, no kidding.
so why’d they quit?

it’s been fifty years now
and if i don’t hear something soon
i’m going to quit believing
in advertising.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

homeland security poetry

okay shoes off.   could be
weapons o'mass destruction in them
so down on da rug boys and girls
and spread ‘em

we followin' orders lookin’.
‘n don’ matter  none 
what ‘scuse  you got,
cause dis b Merica.

 wann’ a ejication?
put  chez  in da army
‘n  learn yez  practico
like  drive a tank n’ shoot
while on the other side,
a lesson in how to do life
at the Amish auction.
six  young  boys in a small cart

pulled in a circle for an hour
by a Shetland pony.
while all of them,
boys  as well as the pony,

kept mouths shut
and eyes open
making the circle,
enjoyin’ the go around.

and there’s equipment
to listen to your calls,
an we drive round
and listen in your house

we’ll feed you
hints in the media
and blur you
with delusion

anymore ‘n that
sheep  jus  don’t
gots da need
ta know

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

when she asked me

when she asked me to turn
off the sprinklers in twenty minutes
i nodded and  noticed the kitchen clock
and then the one in the living room.

they were ten minutes apart.
i began to tell her and she said
“Oh, jack” in that tone, you know which one.
“This is not science.”

“go make a clock then” is what i thought
but didn’t say,
then forgot where i was going with this
so i returned to the spot where i thought it

ever do that?
it usually works  -  to capture forgotten thoughts
return to the spot where you thought it.
this time it didn’t work.

looking out the kitchen window
there on the back of a chair
a squirrel sat intensely
looking in at me.

i had a plan where i was going with this
but  now, before i forget again,
i'd better go out
and turn off the sprinklers.