Saturday, January 29, 2011

explosion of good time

still in bed
woke to worker’s
voices in the hall.
amid the banter

one called softly, “Jack”
the voice of my dad
only it wasn’t, or was it.
who can tell

though it was enough
to make me smile,
remember and feel warm
somewhere deep


the two guys from Romania
are quiet good workers
the kid, twenty
is a Bugie

in Italian, our common language, i question.
he’s from Bulgaria, they respond
as if that explained his immaturity,
and being consistently noisy.


explosion of good time
we left home
packed for shopping
off in a rush

Esquilino Market they serve
fast with plastic bags,
paper and crowds, trucks unloading,
wooden crates, moving faces and sales

a background of green leaves, no music,
light talk humming like chicadas.
had coffee and a sweet roll
coffee man and his wife recognized us

red egg yoke lady
in good tune
spoke to M. about how to
make a tasty frappe for Carnevale

got two large plantains at another stall
not bananas you know, she said
i hope not, i replied
i'm going to fry one with an egg

a call to alert - make way
for a box-loaded hand cart
a small man
pushing metal on wheels through

many greens, hand cut minestrone,
hot peppers and nuts we bag away
a moray eel we saw but
did not take one home

moves like a city ghost
rides like a bumpy carriage
over cobblestones
our practically private bus

cause our car has found parking
too sweet to vacate
alberto has re attached a side mirror
for some other to scrape off again

and Friday the soggiorno went well
all persons helpful for us to live here
call them kind
Roma loves us again

Friday, January 28, 2011

to better swerve

traffic cops in Rome have special uniforms.
high leather equestrian boots,
white tall helmets like dessert legionnaires.
one stopped our bus in the center of Rome

hopped aboard to hitch a ride
up three stops on Via del Corso.
he was knocking off early,
or had hot shopping to do.

viva the good guys.
may they hop a bus

Thursday, January 27, 2011

to joseph no apostrophe s

an intercity eatery found
when the old worn mechanic
pointed, there’s where to go,
enjoy a buffet spread long and fair

among good people working
it was an honor, a delight mid-day
care taken in particulars,
choose desires well prepared

with no haste, to taste time
and a glass of red wine
can this be Rome
seems like coming home

meant to so verify

morning laundry and coffee
with Texas Bill in attendance.
43 years as a freelance embassy chef.
you’d think he’d have learned his lesson.

now he’s growing a beard
for a Shakespeare play he’s in.
i know he has 18 lines,
he told me 29 times.

we’ll see an early
show if we can stay
up that late hope
they talk fast

hey, so-called every day stuff
also happens in Rome, you know.
but life is a poem anywhere you look
at it skewed with jelly on as i do

pay only

3 euro a week ,
to any Tim phone,
call 'em often,
talk long as you want.

Giacomo changed to Vodafone
so he’s made my list
of whom to call
less often.

i left 44

where 62 was next
at the other post office.
now 73 is up at this one
and my number is 97.

28 potential
customers are waiting.
with 11 windows,
6 are open, more or less.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

it was 1890

it was 1890 when Bill was here
traveling Europe by train.
Naples, Rome, then Florence
with horses, Indians and Annie Oakley.

too many large stones and rubble,
and he had wanted to do the
wild west show in the Colosseum.
so they decided to perform right outside.

i know he had a drink at the bar on Via Condotti
on that corner by the Spanish steps,
cause 121 years later i walked over there
and saw the photograph

taken there that day in all his glory,
and is still on the wall.
even 12l years ago they called Mr.Cody the name
we know him by - he was Buffalo Bill.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

deep searching

m. is reading about
a deep mine in England where
scientists search for dark matter.
world over they are looking.

they need a space
where gamma rays
and cosmic rays won’t penetrate,
kinda like my closet.

i asked her what they are going to make
out of this dark matter
when they finally find it.
she said, “shoes”.