Friday, February 11, 2011

full day when 65

woke up at nine, i did
shower and dress, coffee and out the door
no one in the building but we
lock it up, catch a bus

wait 45 minutes cause i’m early and prompt
or he’s late, no one knows for sure,
neither of us care
one dental stitch removed in two minutes

walk two clocks and back
for a dental x-ray
full mouth, with empty mouth
so short guy comes in, tells me stand up

and stand still
sticks plastic in my mouth for me to bite
like a bit for a Rex the Wonder Horse
then he is gone, the short guy

i close my eyes
whirring noise
i know what is happening
being completely conscious

this is when entire life zips by
i am playing sand lot ball and swimming
pledge allegiance, practice piano
graduate, get married

they tell me go out and wait
then i get the xray
walk it back to the dentist
two blocks is nothing on a sunny day

other dentist is returning from lunch
i give x-ray to him
saves myself a flight up walk
everyone happy, he was going there anyway

then bus to Pasquali’s
do i want amatriciana or white
with speck and zucca, that’s bacon and squash
son and cook sister convince me to go white

quarto of red wine
pasta is very good
M. had an oh-hum salad with tuna
and effervescent water in a plastic cup

take a small bus home
the driver is whistling
killing me softly with his song
with headphones on

and we’re home again
by three p.m.
mark it down as a full day
when you are 65

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

on the marble steps

at Chiesa Nuova
1:30 in the sun
afternoon begun
we get away

in roar and soft speak
voices, buses, motorinos erupt city air
between buildings there
on Corso Vittorio

faraway together
Rome February fair weather
taking it in
our vitamin D

then at once the ragazzi start
to depart the sun
leaving the heart
of the city

this pretty mid week
mid day some hug
touch cheeks wave
or simply smile away

Chiesa Nuova means new church, a few hundred years old
mottorini - are motor scooters
Corso Vittorio is a main street through the center of Rome
Ragazzi - means young people