Wednesday, April 06, 2011


worn for ages
tree rings and planet loops around the stars
neither pages nor sages enough
to say what events have been

or to count the multiplying hours.
now don’t cha go thinking cause you have a fancy title
that things are going to happen,
nothings gonna happen.

Piazza Plebiscite where plebeians gathered
or fled, to get away from their boss
or their wives
same matter.

we knew the bar they hung out in at
(i say it that way for the like English speakers).
a photo of the bar could have done it, i didn’t have it,
and it wouldn’t really do, anyway.

in black and white, the brightest color grey
nondescript, old, sparse, gaps in wood.
local tired day end guys at worn tables, one room.
some few drink wine, others beer.

they were medium, halfway into life
one with cane, a couple younger and spirited,
some old, there was the Bar Keep woman
and then M. and me.

half the customers and the Bar Keep are there now i bet.
plenty of drinkers and talkers, light thinkers,
don’t ask me to say i wrote that unless you understand
it’s a tribute. for sure what they were thinking. they were saying.

we had draft beer at a table outside the door.
the church was practically in the bar yard
we watched them parking, with which some had
a hell of a time to get right, never straight.

M. went to a machine
but they wanted too much for so little
so she came back without. then Bar Keep
brought over fried snacks. she had a heart and vision.

i could see across the way Filipo’s pizza
near to opening for the evening
had two white lights
on either side the open door.

it was still late afternoon, very late,
after seven, maybe eight, and still
while i was deciding the real time
the clock on the church tower rang bells seven-thirty

‘s how i know now my report is accurate.
an i made a note.
street lights came on then,
beginning yellow tired.

i asked abut mosquitoes cause the sea’s a few streets over
and Bar Keep said, “here it’s not so bad, just normal.”
but we all know that can be bad enough
when you’re not in the mood to entertain

damn mosquitoes zam blam slam.
but i’m just saying now
cause we’re too early in the season
to have reason to get alarmed.

everything you see, you don’t simply take
you make it what you want
although a gondola ride isn’t romantic
for the guy who rows everyday to make a living