Tuesday, April 26, 2011

oil change

bused around eyes open.
needed an oil change, not me, the car.
that sort of service wasn’t what we noticed
before we had a vehicle.

in Rome nothing is easy.
i asked friends, several.
a bus ride took us along likely avenues
found a place, we’ll give it a try.

need oil drained,
the correct new oil put in
and a replacement filter, yet i know
in Rome nothing is easy.

discarded the idea of the place we found
drove out of the city.
found another oil changer
on the old salt road.

the guy was quick, kind and did it right.
when a job is complete i can relax
for it seems, for a while, that
everything in Rome is easy.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

four and four

four seated facing four.
an interesting ride
for three others and i observing
enthusiastic constant chatters, as we rode
in an otherwise silent little electric bus.

three were on cell phones talking
in exceptionally loud voices, nonstop.
a fourth looked out the window
no phone, but spoke vehemently
to another someone, unseen.