Tuesday, August 16, 2011

when she asked me

when she asked me to turn
off the sprinklers in twenty minutes
i nodded and  noticed the kitchen clock
and then the one in the living room.

they were ten minutes apart.
i began to tell her and she said
“Oh, jack” in that tone, you know which one.
“This is not science.”

“go make a clock then” is what i thought
but didn’t say,
then forgot where i was going with this
so i returned to the spot where i thought it

ever do that?
it usually works  -  to capture forgotten thoughts
return to the spot where you thought it.
this time it didn’t work.

looking out the kitchen window
there on the back of a chair
a squirrel sat intensely
looking in at me.

i had a plan where i was going with this
but  now, before i forget again,
i'd better go out
and turn off the sprinklers.

Monday, August 15, 2011

why i'm not writing everyday

a second summer tooth extraction
this one fractured on a rock
in take-out Chinese food,
kidnee stones, broken toe on my bear pad foot.

and i could be writing poetry
but got distracted.
how’s your summer?

i claim all the trees i see
and the three gulls above
in steady wind just right
that float near still like kites in a photograph

off shore wind
yellow morning sun
seventy eight degrees
still air, no breeze down here

a perfect day just now has begun

(  Note:  I wrote a word incorrectly in the above because in an effort to make more money Blogspot has sold out to a medical information company and alters blogs with difficult to delete site links.  More and more in this Twentyfirst Century it's all about money. )