Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wonder Bread believer

helped strong bodies eight ways
for about a year
before clever scientists
found four more ways

then Wonder Bread
helped build strong bodies
twelve ways, no kidding.
so why’d they quit?

it’s been fifty years now
and if i don’t hear something soon
i’m going to quit believing
in advertising.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

homeland security poetry

okay shoes off.   could be
weapons o'mass destruction in them
so down on da rug boys and girls
and spread ‘em

we followin' orders lookin’.
‘n don’ matter  none 
what ‘scuse  you got,
cause dis b Merica.

 wann’ a ejication?
put  chez  in da army
‘n  learn yez  practico
like  drive a tank n’ shoot
while on the other side,
a lesson in how to do life
at the Amish auction.
six  young  boys in a small cart

pulled in a circle for an hour
by a Shetland pony.
while all of them,
boys  as well as the pony,

kept mouths shut
and eyes open
making the circle,
enjoyin’ the go around.

and there’s equipment
to listen to your calls,
an we drive round
and listen in your house

we’ll feed you
hints in the media
and blur you
with delusion

anymore ‘n that
sheep  jus  don’t
gots da need
ta know