Thursday, October 20, 2011

Giancarlino remembers

talking to an Italian friend
about a music group from years past,
he said they were two  folk singers, big hits. 
i suggested Chad and Jermey? 

Ian and Silvia? 
finally he remembered, “Peter Paul and Mary”. 
That’s Giancarlino,  so Italian.   
he thought it was one guy,  Peter Paul  and a girl,  Mary.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pond from scratch

since i made this pond
more'an a decade’s passed
so it’s practically natural now.
the frogs think so.

this morning seemed the pump stopped.
couldn’t see it,  couldn’t hear it;
wasn’t any moving water to speak of.
pulled the pump, it was purring.

coated thick with great-green,
though,  pumping away it was;
checked the falls, found it trickled.
heavy  growth  covered the drop.

pulled then threw thick green gobs away,
minutes later all seemed okay;
on a warmer day’ll clean it all for winter,
today it’s late and i’m tired.

tomorrow’s out, heard it’ll rain,
day after’s soon enough for me.
you can’t do everything at once,
heard that said and belive it.