Sunday, October 30, 2011

so let us say

for the wind and the rains
the mountains and plains,
for robins, pigeons, red birds,
fish in the sea and high above eagles,

for waving sweet corn, carrots and round melons,
the fruits and vegetables,
meat and potatoes and little bugs,
for dust and the dirt, ice and rust,

in sunshine, strong winds
on starry nights, hefty ocean waves,
first morning light, moonless thunder
and during seasonal change,

for gone cowboys and Indians,
war paint, wagons and horses and buffalo
the bankers and doctors, kind women before us
the trees again, the breeze again,

lawyers, bums, gamblers and dentists, islanders,
pick a card, it’s who we are. to the Chinese,
south Americans, Europeans, Africans, the other ones
mark my word everywhere under the heavens

through clouds and fresh falling water drops
for all these and more, we pray
until do us apart,  until we part anyway,
some day, anyhow, all together  -  amen.