Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gene Hackman

“Gene Hackman was hit by a bicycle in Florida.”
how brutal.
“no, a vehicle hit him on his bicycle”
either way is bad.

“He wasn’t wearing a helmet”
it is nine a.m. in Rome, Italy
and i wake to this?
he’s not my uncle.

“I thought he lived in New Mexico.”
never met the man.
are we still going to the big market?
“He’s 82 years old”

i hear you’re going to start your blog again, M.
“I’ll knock you out of the sandbox, turkey, under the fence.”
over the fence
“Either way. Grrrr.”

pardon me?
“ I’ll be ready in a minute for my close up, Darling., ”
what do we need to take to the market?
“Hell or high water.”

Friday, January 13, 2012

Abdul of Senegal

Abdul of Senegal,
six years a Roman
opens the laundry at nine
or thereabouts, he does.

i know this of the good hearted fellow:
he is sleek, tall, gentle,
speaks bits of English,
blurry Italian, his French is fine.

brought me a coffee today and a croissant,
why ? i offered to buy,
he insisted and got it for us.
i stayed, did my wash and recalled

two years ago Abdul said Paris
it was there he was ready to live.
today New York, says he.
give him Gotham City to gnaw.

he is thirty and is ready
to roll faster deeper now
over/into the turmoil of the world.
we do live our dreams so it seems.

back now and on a computer,
he is searching, looking
i interrupted to ask if there were elephants
and are there lions in Senegal.

without hesitation at my banal question
“in parks there are”, he said. i nodded.
oh, the deviated realm in which we live.
as our world gets larger, the world gets smaller.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

city magnum

in the little rolling box
bumpy high-speed turns
after the holidays
tourists have evaporated

long hair, long stockings
gets on the tiny bus
sits, crosses her legs
very long stockings

guy sits opposite
we’re only three
facing each other
she talks, says a bad word

says a major multi bad phrase
the guy listens
watching her legs
she says more bad

words in obvious anger
he asks “husband?”
she says, “brother.”
here’s my stop

she leaves also
began as strangers
ciao-ciao, ciao-ciao, ciao
part like family

shake it off
just another trip
into city magnum
happens like often

Monday, January 09, 2012

3:54 a.m.

blacker than midnight
no light
spare the red glow
of the clock

went to the bathroom
briefly turned on a small flashlight
to check in the toilet
twenty years ago a rural friend told me

he always checks the bowl
now i always look
he is old now, i owe him
i need to renew his agony

when i see him next time
i’ll remind him by asking
if a snake bit him
on the balls yet.