Monday, March 12, 2012

reflections mid march

wardrobes reflect mid march
call it spring or thereabouts,
warmer, light jackets, more people talking,
now taking life at a slower pace,

ease and joy is growing,
morning chill has lessoned.
while i off one way, M. to the store
wait. read. making notes as i go.

called to happy birthday
professor Roberto in Torino
with two more years than me
it’s fine he leads the way

zippin’ afoot on streets i am.
practiced maneuvers take me through;
it’s repeating my self to mention, but then
that comes with my lease, i’m old.

M. rode the tram. no Billie Store today,
got a new one, kinder gentler.
M. said the tram driver drove with anger
as if he’d just broken up with his mother.
couldn’t do it anyway,
can’t write these everyday
there’s got to be a secret cache,
i double checked - i’m not Ogden Nash.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

airport security

M. when at airport security
the man asks her
“How many chicken legs do you have?”
she looks up worried,

“Chicken legs?”
he shakes his head.
took a breath, then he said,
“No, ma'am, check in bags!”