Friday, March 23, 2012

Roma's sun

Roma’s sun
is light you can dream on
you've heard of it. and so it is.
here so fine, this new day

softens colors
no winds to speak of
with river bridges
to look out over

up at pigeons
down on floating seagulls
i'm pleased to say this mellowing sight
is the the result of early morning pastel light of Roma

Thursday, March 22, 2012

peeped out

peeped out this corner
of the muffin i was sleeping in
unfolded to a world of sunshine
over long green warm waving
howdy you and the day

blue sky, clouds rolling by
cookie cutter decorations dancing wow,
a happy dog skipping hills yonder
by fragrant flowers and a spinning water wheel.

kitty sunk down watching
from low in long waving green
wiggles forward
keeping a quiet low profile;
content as he ought to be;
perhaps a tad more alert than we
to the general overall goings on.