Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Ocean Trip

the ocean trip can get unruly rough
then you can’t pull off the road
to wait for conditions better
slowly you keep going knowing

weather changes, all will calm
for surely the sun
will come out bright again
some soon other day

Monday, April 23, 2012

life is a moving train

life is a moving train
sometime fast, sometime on the upgrade.
was talking to the conductor afore i dozed off;
he’s been on the job a hundre . . . a long time.

glanced at my ticket and nodded.
was going to ask him when to get off,
right then he was looking at the view out the window,
seemed content. wasn't necessarey to bother him.

a lot of people riding.
saw a cat and a dog and a bird in a cage.
big train. kept moving.
i was happy to be onboard

taking it easy, writing at little, reading a little.
’d check the time but don’t have a watch.
decided wasn’t important the hour. been a few.
just doing the best i can.