Thursday, May 17, 2012


progress from walking
with a stick
to riding a horse -
an advance beyond the past.

then over fields through clouds to some long faraway,
that is where we are right now
look around while you
take off your shoes for inspection.

then, walking through an arch
and instantly be in another place,
oh, wow it is as yet, somewhere else,
and someday soon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

on the back porch

on the back porch
heard tires rolling on the by pass
near a mile away;
wind from the west is coming our way.

talked to a friend with a mountain place.
recalled our two years on another mount
when in quiet the only sound, the only sound
was of the earth itself.

how was that sound? indescribable.
beyond reach of words or imagination.
something other it was.
private. complete.

and now the grandmother clock
swung low and steady
was it the tick from two rooms away
or the house expanding that i heard?

it’s not the frogs
they sit silent in the pond
waiting passing hours
as slow rising sun rays approach

erasing sharp shadows with gleams,
bringing the warmth to our day.
what do you know,
what do you say?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

59 f

59 f now, 15 c
feels warmer, light wind
good morning sun
it’ll be 20 degrees they say.

cool this week
last week it was 28c, 82f when i left Roma
also here when i arrived in Ohio.
now it is normal cool springtime.

5 frogs in the pond.
it is a full spring count.
the large one is there and remembers;
he calls when i go around with the push mower.

squirrels - three bushy tails in the tree.
i won’t speak to them this year,
must be careful to keep them away
so they won’t scare people who come to buy our house.

last year Squirrel #1 was aggressive,
would climb up our leg
looking for peanuts.
must ignore them. won’ talk to them.

our (1838) house quickly sold the first week,
then the husband and wife argued and said no.
now we wait other buyers.
this is not a good market to sell.

our new/old house (1866) in Norwhere
is nearly ready for us.
a good old man paints a ceiling this week
then we will start to move into Norwhere.

now i came inside to write
it is cool in the shade on the porch.
M. made bacon and eggs for breakfast.
now it is eight-thirty and quiet.

if i were on the Mediterranean aboard Isadora
i would be aware of cruise ships, visit every port,
read some, write some,
and keep looking ahead.