Thursday, June 07, 2012

m. worked the yard

m. worked the yard early this june morning.
i ran drag on cord as she edged the pond,  
along a  stone block wall surrounding flowers beds,
low on the wooden back porch in sugar maple  shade;

the electric edger whirred,  getting all neatly clean.
she paused, changed cord.   i saw her wipe her brow,
slowly, casually check all around.  a survey of the situation.
 still frogs alert were quiet,  ready to jump if necessary.

might have mentioned 
her great granddad was first sheriff of Abilene.
it’s in her blood to get the job done.
my advice is keep out of the way.  don’t mess around.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


taking a shower thinking i am dappled.
oh, i know feeling groovy thanks to paul simon,
the only time in my life i was dappled, possibly,
not sure; also then, feeling groovy definitely
was not happening in our neighborhood.

maybe, given time, it would have happened naturally,  
if we would have slowed down and thought about it, 
but in our parts that would have been asking a lot.
slow down?  thinking?  feeling? hah! 
paul, before you said it, only horses were dappled.