Wednesday, June 13, 2012

dry robin


felt weather was coming, finally;   
saw it on radar.  we needed it
and it took all day to get here,
then quickly most of it passed

until late afternoon the old dry robin
came out in the sprinkles
on the promise water’d get more.
waiting he was as we were.

set up position,  it did.
to see if a worm’d  come  out
an before there was much to talk about
light rain that came in went on its way.

Monday, June 11, 2012

bird in the path

morning sun up and golden
summer daybreak  warm and still.
inside, from the open window
my first glance caught it there

a lone baby bird sleeping
standing up,  hunched over.
no doubt comfortable as all get out.
ruffled feathers, head under wing,

leafy plants all around, it was right in the middle of a path.
not hidden somewhere  off to the side.
didn't pay attention when mama said keep cautious,
stay out of sight while your dreaming.


seeing you i’d be cautious
as a duck crossing the street
i’d tip my hat, let you chat
and tell me how your doing

their  t-shirts got my attention. i read,
then  asked them where they were from,
“margaretta”  they replied.  
that’s a small nearby village

high school girls, of course. 
i don’t know if they just graduated
or this fall will be the new seniors.
they wore identical  blue t-shirts

it must be this years class slogan.
printed on them were the words,  
“the world may be ending
but we’re still here – 2012”