Saturday, October 13, 2012

is not rain

is not rain
only for babies
like damp diapers
inconvenient, perhaps

this day will not slow
roll out your thunder
then push on it
food good for make strong

see this day grey
i hello you
cover from water falling
is enough, is so

open, heavens above, come on
not holding back
do as i know you can
give me all your thunder

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


as the small bangladeshi and tall senegali
simultaneously squeeze departed
i tapped a shoulder; she half-nodded,
and took the inside window seat.

packed we were in fine october rush morning,
rolling slowly in traffic congestion
amid calm low voices and little movement
the girl, now seated next to me in the final row,

wearing an elaborate blue with white
lightening designs on a headset,
privatized from the throng;
when further, from the depths of her large purse

deftly extracted a tiny round compact,
opened it
and peering into the mirror
on the pretense of inspecting her eye,

i in a glance observed
as she melt-glided
swift deep away beyond time borders
into private mirage eternity.