Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dumpling Realizer

without a glitch she passed
through the force field poles
that undoubtedly scan shoppers for weapons
or maybe just make pictures for the boys in the back room

as into market fighting for position, she goes
we’re having soup she said, i saw zucchini laid in a line,
a clerk with a braid came to her aid, once or twice,
she bought magic stuff to make dumplings

amid a symphony of vegetables, meat and a lot of cheeses
she had taken her wheeled cart along
the one that is Scotch red and blue plaid, jesus,
i have no idea why they decided to spell plaid that way

we paid for all, including her Dumpling Realizer
what most earthlings call baking powder,
i thought i’d mention that,
as it is the name of this poem

braid, maid, raid, laid,
paid, aid, and plaid
there i said it and i’m glad.
i'd spell plaid a different way.

best difference

there is a difference between
doing to gain, doing again
or doing cause you have to.
best is doing cause it’s what you do.