Wednesday, December 26, 2012

roosevelt and her student

roosevelt and her student
were going dancing
to work out a new two step.
however, the cab caught fire;

so they changed plans and their shoes.
on a park bench laughing, telling stories
amid wavering shadows of a large oak
the ufo they waited to see watched them.

Monday, December 24, 2012

what'd you do tuesday?

what’d you do tuesday?
the other day, or a few ago,
days in the week, weeks in a month,
12 months,  all those days in the year,

stack them up and keep track  . . .
wait, that’s too many.
let’s take what we can handle.
simplify said Thoreau; a good idea.

we need three days:   
yesterday, today and tomorrow
more passed is for your history book
ahead is practically science fiction

god can you hear me?

god can you hear me?
if i am thinking?
in italian or English?
or if i mispronounce badly in Francaise?

do you know my question
before i ask?
would you tell me?
but isn’t truth relative anyway?

i don’t think you need praise
or  the company.
if it’s company you want
you can always make someone.

do you know i am talking to you,
and what i will say,
and how everything will turn out anyway?
if so then, what’s the point?