Wednesday, January 09, 2013

between time

afternoon turning evening
twilight quiet January damp
meet  Mauro in the covered pass
beyond the Buddhist church

under twin aged stone arches
to him my email with  parting wishes
as he heads to the south pacific
on a  quest to find his way

then campo dei fiori nearly empty
this cobblestone field of flowers
when a  friend of twenty years stops. 
we exchange new year greetings

good words,  good minutes between us
always satisfying is our exchange
never knew each other’s names
but know a friend when we see one

then i see nico, he barely sees me
his  hearing also is wavering
one hundred years and counting, on this
street he was born and lives alone

somehow an empty city
bringing friends together briefly
passing in the light fading cool
of yet another winter late afternoon