Sunday, June 30, 2013

sunday about

we stopped in a town
after another called red haw
was still thinkin' about it 
'til m. said the k fell off

ordered a breaded chicken sandwich
cost ten cents less than unbreaded
an' they said it was bigger
hoped it was local, not out o' state

had water to drink
with ice cubes in the glass
stirred it with my fork
ordered at 2:10 p.m., ten minutes after closing

m. pointed to a sign on the wall
"Free Idiot Test, Limited Time Only
Act Now, $5", reached for my pocket
m. put out her hand to stop me

later driving, slowed on route 250
for a wild goose crossing the road
walking, and taking his time
in fine easy stride

not alarmed at all
when we whizzed by
that black sleek road warrior with the
white neck band like a cleric