Wednesday, July 17, 2013

cherries today

sunny early,  already warm
take your time.
driving out in the country
you know the way from past years

they give you a basket to fill
ladders are out there
old farm dog barkless, has seen it all before
select your first tree

point out good bunches
start picking your own
going up, reaching
farther, higher

eat plenty-many, that won't make it to pie
fluffy cat may follow a while
to see if you're good for a few strokes
and maybe some roll-over belly pats

no bugs, no buzzin' bees
pack out what you pay for
they weigh it up at the end
a summer day in the country

Sunday, July 14, 2013

conjectural frogs

they're out there, hidden
unbeknown to the eye
under a gibbous moon and dawn stars
by thick antecedent weeds

a circus mire abounds
muted amid stitched nests of green
sans time or sound
invisible frogs