Friday, December 06, 2013

tight squeeze

tight squeeze this
early evening, where ahead
a small car parked parallel 
half on the sidewalk

a full grown german shepard
reclines there.
shop workers, a man and a woman,
sit chatting, backs to shop window.

walking, i approach where lies the dog
to whom, firm, clear,
non threatening, i say, "allora."
which translates:  "well, what know?"

the large animal lumbers to his feet,
slowly circles, moves out of my way
i glance toward the woman sitting there
who shrugs, with an expression that says
"well, sorry, you know dogs."

in turn i reply with my face that tells her,
"i understand, that is life, the way of the dog,
it's not always a dog's world"
or something to that effect.

at the same time
to the dog i did say
as i passed,