Thursday, April 03, 2014

4. queen here

didn't get here yesterday
arrived today noon-thirty
in pretty violet hat and dress;
for in rome it's springtime.

met president napolitano first,
then to vatican to see pope francis
after lunch.
flies out this afternoon.
bunching activities into her day
i always say, and that's the way
good queens travel.

we waited to see her
at chiesa nuova and catch some sun.
bill was there, and rosemary too
who hasn't seen her since her  coronation.

nothing happened, all was glum
then suddenly sirens filled the air,
motorcycles sped, here they come.
the entourage appeared right here.

moving stately, rolling by,
the dark, flagged limo with the queen;
we saw her looking out at us, and we waved;
she waved at us as she went on.

it was quick and we were ready,
proud to be there and prepared
to see the queen, we surely did.
all went well, and it was good.

in and out in 4 hours.
meets  the president and the pope
home for dinner
that's how to visit rome

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

3. queens's eve

in rome on the morrow
sans popcorn and streamers
will pass her motorcade.
hurrah,  the sun will shine

reflecting on events . . .

the girl crowned june '53
on the black and white round screen
of our first TV,  
i  was eight.

texas bill, eleven
ambled prairie grass
to view at a neighbor's;
his uncle said remember.

parliament square, london,
felicitous rosemary, 15
in new dress and first stockings
with mother and tickets

sat covered,  
protected from light rain
as the select paraded
into westminster abbey

and bill said,

last time in rome 2000
her hairdresser used an english dryer
and blew out the electricity
in the quirinale, the president's palace

didn't lose it everyday, all searched
for the circuit box, hidden
behind a portrait, there are many
no one could remember which one

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

2. queen again

march 5, 1983 queen waved at me
in san francisco i was on the corner
at union square happening by
with about 7,200 other people
and so was she

maybe that's why she
did that queen wave thing
you know the one
it's the rage

so this week
31 years and a week later
her vision and mine have gone downhill
but i'll be around
when she drives by
and see if she remembers me
i'll know her, she'll be the one
in the white box hat

Monday, March 31, 2014

1. queen comes to town

mark it down
queen comes to town
on thursday;
we'll see her go by.
circling helicopters and
legions of motorcycling police
will be a reminder; 
and,  no need for we,
the head count,  to put on our dancing shoes
or dress for the occasion.