Monday, April 14, 2014

new world order

in further effort to put the world in order
i am cutting my paper trash into little pieces;
makes it easier to handle,
and the bag will hold more.

today i finished with the plastic packaging
for wrapped cooked, folded dough things with
spinach inside with a name i don't remember
and can't read the label.  not anymore.

so the water is boiling
the things are in the water
i want to know how long
to boil them, but the wrapping paper

with cooking instructions
is in the trash, cut thoroughly
into little unreadable pieces.
they must be done now

been boiling a while
while i was writing this
and forgot what time it was
when i put them in the pot.

i have a bananat for desert;
i remember what they are called.
did you know monkeys peel them
from the bottom up; so next time 

do as the monkeys do, for they
as a group, have more experience
shucking bananas than your mother
or anyone you went to school with.