Friday, December 12, 2014

Hollywood Ways - the book

My book is out.
Way out.
Somewhere out behind the old barn when I was a kid.
Our barn, the neighbors barn. We had barns all over. 
In the 1950's we got a new thing, television.
That box inspired and got me going.
My book is my story
A young man goes to Hollywood with a dream in the 70's;
up and down and up again...and gets along.

Hollywood Ways by Jack Sender - 4 bucks...Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 08, 2014

rest calmly night

no wind, yet the sea moves 
on slow long breathes, in and out;
respiring a sweeping rush of shore pebbles.
folding waters cause an occasional boom on the shore

the near full moon reflecting
white sparkles in the sea
throws scattered far reaching points of light,
dancing fireflies in the darkness.

color leaves as it is blacker.
far shore lights are brighter
as the moon rose higher
in the nearly-still envelope of evening.

how do you do it?
evening, you're a sweet song
i know you mean well
i can tell by how you've done