Friday, December 25, 2015

a northern hemisphere poet

An old northern hemisphere poet i am
in winter cold, summer heat,
though technology has taken my words around the world
i'll remain where i was born.

In January snow, frozen water
April showers, colorful flowers;
spring off to summer heat
fall leaves golden, falling, crackling,

Thanksgiving then Christmas
'til the end of the year
when begins another year -
short days to long ones.

Good sun, wobbling earth
summer for baseball
winter for snow balls and ice skating -
cycle long and short days.

When hundreds of years asleep at near light speed
to another planet, new ways to learn;
leave me the old fashion ways
in days i know...where i'm from.

Through the silent halls of time
i'll take mine as i know them;
now before you go off in a flash,
one thing, please, pick up the trash.