Saturday, November 14, 2009

i like dogs

i like dogs
well, have liked
there were times

i’m sitting with coffee
how they can stand there
looking around

as if they have something
on their mind,
mind singular
how many dog minds are there?

one for each?
seems insufficient
they need more or bigger
or what they have to be greased

all in all, there are enough dog brains around
i prefer not to see them any smarter
waiting in line at the bank, lifting a leg
then asking to borrow a pen

this is the end
of this dog poem

Friday, November 13, 2009

call waiting

your call
will be answered
in the order
in which it was received

ok, i called once
so how much order is one call?
was i out of order before i called
or as soon as?

why can’t it be said
in like English
or, is that
like difficult?

like – we’re taking ‘em as we get ‘em
or, you have to wait your turn
or, we’re putting you on hold for a while
until we have a human like free - oh, that works!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


gone are dark nights
when thieves
creep sneaky in
to steal the silverware

cause cheap metal,
they practically
give that junk away
at rummage sales

if grandma had
anything decent
she must have
taken it with her

i know before
it got trashed
we should have checked
in her mattress

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

involuntary aposiopesis

aposiopesis - breaking off in the middle of a sentence (as by writers of realistic conversations)

a poem a day is all it takes
enough to fill my coffers, sakes alive
a drip at a time does accumulate
one a day for three years is one thousand ninety-five

so many thoughts
my how they occur
now take the time to note them
you’ve noticed them, for sure

we each have our own
why would we need more
unless to appropriate new ideas, a broadening
tantamount to an education

and you are certainly right
when you say
a book is more fun to read from
than a computer

besides, I’m afraid
to sit reading holding something plugged in
with 200 feet of extension cord
under a tree by a brook with my feet in the water

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

lime plant

ten years ago the boss said anytime
i want to white wash come on down,
the new boss wouldn’t face me
sent his gal to say it is too da-da- dangerous

then come scrape the bad dust
off my house, off my car
out of our garden, out of my eyes
and out of my pores while i breath and sleep

don’t forget every neighbor in town
tell Tom Sawyer’s dad
he needs an attorney
or has he and the EPA been paid already?

have a nice day

remembered Kegley

remembered Kegley
the tall happy farmer
as i drove past his farm
out in the country on Mason road

picked peaches and apples for him
in my youth
when an hour was a dollar
in the heat of the sun

he took off that day
for fishing and drinking
had hip boots on
when he backed his pickup

down the boat ramp
right into the river
the truck stalled
rolled back

filled with water
he waited too long
wasn’t thinking to give up
and get out

his best friend my dad was with him
and yelled warning
oh how they both yelled
and screamed and cursed
but Kegley was not a quitter,
never, damn it

tried hard to save the old truck
had it started then
he lost it
there in the brown moving water
along with his life
dad cried when he told me
had to tell his best friend’s wife
tears filled his eyes
only time I’d seen him cry

when a page turns like that
you can hardly look back
close the book on it
going over it
is pointless
as staring at the sun

Sunday, November 08, 2009

get out of nature's way

don’t fight
let it
pile on

it just occurred to me after
filling another bag for collection
that maybe God didn’t want
us to rake leaves

let them be
under the trees
on the ground
blow around

make piles and jump on
roll around in them
like kids will do
if we let 'em

away with sterile spots
without an itsy bitsy piece of leaf,
little baby trees are working to grow
you know, let them go

see what nature has in mind
for one thing golf would be another game
with a much larger ball, cabbage size
so you could find it


darkness is not ugly
evil or unholy
don’t be afraid
when god rested the seventh day
he turned down the light
to bring the respite of night