Friday, August 03, 2012

of time

what is time, the time, anytime?
a second is not a heartbeat or a blink
for elephants, people, whales  nor  canaries.

suppose seconds were made too quick or slow,
then we really never know
what time it is.

days and nights you can bet on,
you see it light or dark;
but right about the time, are we?

how can seconds tick the same
when winter days are shorter
and summer days are longer.

yet different at the poles, you know,
depending on the time of year.
(there is time again, the walking shadow)

the world  not perfectly round in shape or orbit, spinning, leaning.
as much as we depend on them
clocks are overvalued and  underdeveloped.

when this world agrees on little,
who declares what is an hour; how many in a day,
a month, in a year?

and everyone shaking heads in agreement?
convenient, for sure, but is it true?
while baseball is something you can depend on,

of that there is no doubt,
no matter how quick or slowly it goes -
three strikes and you’re out.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

friendliness of the sun

there is friendliness  of the sun
when mornings parting clouds,
pouring in the window,
a glowing yellow beam,

leaning the same spot
on the wall
feeling the floor,
slowly stretching  like a cat

shifting as the hours pass
until gone from east window glass
doing sky work for the day, then back again
wakeup  time tomorrow

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

circle me darling with your arms;
i’d say morning to night,
but it’s really hard to walk around that way.

frog vision

desiring to do it right
i didn't want to gamble
training these new frogs
M. said they are the same frogs

i don't know how she's so damn sure
for one thing they're bigger
she said they grow like a tomato
maybe she means they soak up rain like a sponge

anyhow, M. reads quite a bit, like a sponge
so i asked her about f rog vision
is it 20-20
she thought a second
then said: 50-50

well, i put an eye chart out there
it floats
they lie on it
and seem to like it
i'd grade them high
for floatability

their vision is still a question
so even if they grow and
could reach the pedals
i don't think they're ready
for the keys to the car

on the Internet it says they can see clearly
for about six inches
if they can't see any better than that
i'm going to quit waving at 'em